Natural Elegance


FloorEver® pre-finished flooring is similar to parquet designed to be directly glued on the substrate or floating laid with no need for removing the pre-existing flooring.

The plank surface consists of a first layer of precious words (noble wood), with top-quality features, refined according to the style and design requirements of the ambiance where it should be laid.
The lower layer consists of birch plywood, a highly stable material under normal moist and temperature changes in comparison to the upper layer wood. The two layers are fitted with highly technical resistance glue to moist.

No need for further finishing the flooring as each plank is already painted and polished before assembling.
Laying costs and times are more affordable than traditional parquet, while the final rendering is as good.

Pre-finished flooring in two layers is designed to make laying easy, rapid and safe. The final rendering is visually consistent and it lasts in time as a classic solid wood flooring.